Is it safe to buy something off the internet?

It can be. We have two online stores. Further, like any online seller, you need to do your evaluation on criteria such as; how well you know the seller? How much positive feedback does the seller have? Is the seller rated by the BBB.  Feel free to look at our feedback section and we are “Complaint Free” rated by the BBB.

If I can find something on Amazon or Google cheaper than you, why should I come to you, will you match the price? 

Possibly, but more than likely not.  We have decades of experience and are experts. Unfortunately, Google, Amazon, E-Bay and Facebook platforms do not equal our decades of expertise and our family commitment to customer satisfaction.

We are also not product brokers.  All the items we sell have been personally inspected by one of our professional staff members.

I noticed you have an online store, is the pictured item the actual item or a stock picture of the item?

For the most part, yes. If there is an item where we have large quantities of stock on hand, we will post one picture.  If you have a question on a specific item regarding the picture being representative, feel free to call or send us a message and we will answer your question.

What is a numismatist and why is this important to me? 

A Professional Numismatist is a person who is a specialist in Numismatics (the study of coins), has specialized training and experience to spot even the smallest imperfections. They are important to you as a buyer or seller so you receive a true valuation of the coin(s) you are buying or selling.

Industry Accreditations and Memberships

Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA)

American Numismatic Association (ANA)

Member of Illinois Numismatic Association (Lifetime)

Central States Numismatic Society

Morton Grove Chamber of Commerce

I am uncomfortable talking about my items in front of others. Can I make an appointment outside of normal business hours to discuss my collection or my needs?

Absolutely! It is most important that you are comfortable. We will do our very best to schedule an appointment that works for both your schedule and ours. 

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