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NIUE Silver Coin Shop Near Evanston, Illinois

The market for rare coins in Morton Grove, IL is expansive and, in front of the right collector, coins can fetch amazing values far beyond what’s listed on their face. At Morton Grove Coins & Collectibles, we continually remain active within the rare coin market, to ensure we’re maintaining our reputation as an authority for buyers and sellers of rare coins. We are proud to boast one of the largest collections of NIUE coins in Illinois. 

We Sell NIUE Coins near Evanston

If you’re an avid coin collector or are in possession of a collection that’s ever-growing, we invite you to stop by our coin shop in nearby Morton Grove, IL to view our revolving inventory of rare and hard-to-find coins. For over 40 years we have proudly served the coin collecting needs of Evanston, Illinois residents. Our unprecedented collection is highlighted by an updated selection of recent coins directly from the New Zealand Mint. Some of our other holdings include the Niue Batman Mask Helmet, the Niue AQUAMAN Emblem 1oz silver coin, the NIUE DC Comics 1989 batmobile 1oz silver coin, and much more!

We Buy Niue Coins

Whether you’re downsizing your Niue coin collection, liquidating a collection obtained from an estate or simply cashing in on a rare coin investment that you’ve been holding onto, know that we’re here to provide you with a fair assessment of your coin’s value and an honest price when it comes to buying it. Coin collectors love selling to us because of our honest reputation and intimate knowledge of the rare coin market!

What Are Niue Coins?

Most coin collectors may think of commemorative coins all coming from the big mints of ChinaCanada, and the United States. However, some of the most collectible coins in the world actually come from a very small island in the middle of the South Pacific, New Zealand? That’s right, Silver coins from Niue have a large collector following because the range of collectible coins spans from traditional commemorative designs to cartoon themes like DC Comics to fantasy themes like Star Wars. Coins are minted in both Niue silver and Niue gold with colorized finishes that make the coins come to life. Over the years, Niue has grown to be a big player in the global coin collecting market due to its innovative designs and finishes. Currently and for the long foreseeable future, Niue currency will continue to be very desirable. 

What Customers Are Saying

June 20, 2021 –   

Marc helped me sell the first coin I ever collected and was very detailed in his search to value the coin. I highly recommend using this coin shop when you look to sell some of your pieces and they had quite the collection for buyers out there as well.


Ive been going to MGC&C for years.
Honest customer service + Fair prices buying or selling
Highly recommend to stop by + David & his friendly staff go out of their way to help.

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