Cent Size Guardhouse 2 x 2 Coin Flips Staple Type: Sold in 100 count packs



Each 2 x 2 coin flip is sold in a package of 100 per coin denomination and the quantity and price shown is for a bundle of 100 flips.


Guardhouse coin flips come in a wide variety of sizes and are made with the collector in mind. Made from high quality cardboard and mylar, these paper 2×2’s are exactly what you need to store and trade your pennys, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars and more! Guardhouse 2×2’s also fit perfectly in Guardhouse 20 pocket Shield Pages, making it a perfect combination for your binder collection.

2×2 Coin Flips are easy to use. Simply fold in half around your coin and staple in two corners . The holders have a cardboard frame with a hole cut to match the coin and a polyester film window for safe long-term storage and protection.

Store your 2″x 2″ width in boxes or build your own coin album with pocket pages and a 3-ring notebook binder.

Staple type paper coin holders are by far the most popular coin storage product that we sell.


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