Coin Tube – 1 oz Gold Eagle Orange Lid | Individual






Guardhouse brand coin tubes offer unique key innovative features:

Secure: A tube should not require mountains of tape! The Guardhouse snap-tight lid fits snugly and secure, yet comes off easily with a simple twist and pull.
Translucent: Now you can see what is inside, from the bottom and side of the tube, allowing you to quickly identify the contents and correct quantity.
Easily Identifiable Green Tops on Silver Eagles
(all other denominations match translucent tube body)

Monster Box Compatible: The American Silver Eagle tubes feature green lids and fit perfectly into the U.S. Mint monster box.

Easy-Grip: Thumb notches on the lid make it easy to remove an individual tube from within a group of tightly packed tubes.

Stackable: Ledges built into the base and lid make for easy vertical stacking.

Ergonomic: Fits comfortably in your hand. No sharp corners or edges.

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