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We Buy Silver Near Evanston, IL!

Silver, like any precious metal, is a wonderful investment for a person to make and can help in diversifying your holdings in a physical way. A person with the foresight to buy silver in Evanston, Illinois will see prosperous effects in the future, while the person who has held silver for years may already be reaping that reward.


Morton Grove Coins & Collectibles is here to help you no matter what side of the silver coin you’re on, by providing an honest outlet for silver selling and a reputable name when it comes to silver buying. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with our latest product offerings. 

Buying and Selling Silver

Like gold, silver bullion holds a great deal of value and retains that value independently of other economic forces. An investment in silver is one that pays dividends in the future!

If you’re currently holding silver at your Evanston Illinois property and wish to redeem the dollar value of that metal, we’re pleased to offer you an outlet for selling it. On the flip side, if you’re looking to make a long-term investment in silver and aren’t sure where to start or what way in which to invest, our personable, professional staff is here to assist you.

Collectible and Precious Metals

Our team of Precious Metal experts have been serving the Evanston area for well over 25 years. In addition to buying and selling silver, we’re also pleased to deal in a wide variety of other collectibles, valuable items and a vast array of precious metals:

  • Collectibles: Our emphasis is on jewelry of all types, whether rare and exotic or antique and heirloom. We’re experts at assessing the value of a particular piece and can provide you with a fair and honest price when you bring your jewelry items to us. We also take loose diamonds and, on occasion, other loose precious stones.
  • Precious metals: Our staples are gold, silver, and platinum, however, we also accept palladium. We are able to discern the karat weight of precious metals to give you an idea of their value, and we always offer our customers current market rates for these valuable goods.
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