1883 Liberty No Cents “V” Nickel Average Circulated VG to VF


Semi-key date for Nickels. The 1883 Liberty No Cents “V” Nickel Average Circulated are from VG to VF condition.

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Coin Highlights:

This issue had a fairly short production run before the reverse was revised to include the value CENTS.

The typical 1883 No CENTS nickel is weakly struck in several stars and at the corn cob in the lower left portion of the wreath. Well struck pieces are available, due to the sheer number of Mint State survivors.

This type and all subsequent copper-nickel five-cent pieces are slightly larger in diameter than the Shield type. This change was made to improve striking quality, though it was only modestly successful in that respect. At five grams the nickel was still too thick in relation to its diameter for good filling of the dies.

Individual coins come in protective packaging – 2 x 2 paper flip.

Quantity of 40 come in a plastic tube.

We will pull the best available from stock to fill your order.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × .2 in
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