1904-O Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS-60+

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The Original Bag Series Relic Label prominently displays a fragment from a vintage canvas bag embedded in the label, offering each coin a tangible connection to the history of numismatics. Certified Authentic: Every coin has been carefully assessed for condition and authenticity by leading industry graders at the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation. Original Bag Series: Imagine a time where coins traveled by horseback and railway in bags across the country. What stories would they tell? How many have been lost to the ages? Certified coins from the Original Bag Series represent a rare pairing of numismatics and historical U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve, and Early Bank Bags. Collectible Value: Never in the history of numismatics has there been a certified holder that combines a numismatic rarity with a tangible historical artifact in an all-in-one certified holder. For the first time, the actual canvas that secured our nation's real money for hundreds of years accents your rare coin in this slab.
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